Sunday, April 8, 2012


April is only 8 days in and already it has been a crazy busy month!!! First it was Marty's birthday. We went for sushi! Marty laughs and says we eat at "Senior Hour" because it is always us and old people eating in the 5's!! They always get a kick out of Ryder though and he is getting good at eating in public...even messy foods.

 After Marty's birthday dinner we went for ice cream and then stopped at a park.

Ryder is really starting to get the "hang" of going down slides. He leans forward in anticipation now, which is sooo cute!!

The weather keeps playing tricks on us. Going from sunny and springy to freak snow stormy! On one of the nice days in early April. We went for a walk. Ryder has discovered the joy of sticks!! (I swear he learned that from Scout!)

 Ofcorse, I bought bunny ears for Scout and Ryder and had visions of a fun photo shoot (notice the bunny and flowers as props.....yeah, not so fun. Neither of my subjects were amused...) LOL

I wanted to make magnets for Marty's Family and those who we are not able to celebrate with in person, but...I didn't really get any good pics. My apologies. Please know, I had good intentions.....


Good Friday, we headed to Mom's for a big Easter feast with Nic and Troy too! We got to Mom's early enough to enjoy some outside time. We even got to feed the horses. Ryder got sooo good at giving Maverick one treat at a time. He'd feed the treat, then head right over to the crunchie bin for more! Adorable!! Mom has all of those pics on her camera though.....
 Ryder, rockin' the rubber boots!
I know, I know, some people are offended by pics of babies pretending to drink beer, but every family lets them suck on the bottle and everyone there, in the moment thinks it's funny. It was!! Ryder is all dressed for dinner, having a beer with Dad!! (ofcorse he just loves to suck on the COLD bottle, probably feels good on his gums. He did not drink any beer..... that I am aware of.....  :)

Ryder's sleeping through the night has become a normal thing now, finally and he had a great sleep at Mom's. Probably helped that he didn't understand how exciting it is that the Easter Bunny was planning to come the next day...before the egg hunt though, we had a quick photo op.  

Mom and Dad had taken a pic of me standing with a Texas Mickey when I was about Ryder's age. Since Mom still had the giant bottle in her shed, we decided it would be fun to take a pic of Ryder standing with it tooo.....

AFter that though, it was all business as we got ready for Ryder's first egg hunt!

 Ryder made an adorable little bunny!! The hat actually didn't bother him at all!! He would have worn it all day, had his auntie and his father not felt sorry for him and taken it I thought it was irrisistably cute!!!

 Gramma chewing on Ryder's socks...ah, what we'll do to get a laugh!! ;)

The Easter Bunny agreed to show up at Mom's a day early so that we could all be together for Ryder's first official egg hunt!! Sooo fun!!!

Home again! The weather was pretty nice, so we took our pail and shovel to the park...

Turns out I carried the pail and shovel around more than Ryder. All he needs for a good time is his 
BFF, Scout! He had no interest in anything, except climbing all over her...she is sooo patient!! 

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