Friday, April 13, 2012


Today is Friday the 13th, but it wasn't unlucky for me at all! It was the end to a pretty exciting week, my first week back at work after my year long Maternity leave. I was anxious about going back. I've really enjoyed my year of easy going mornings, big cups of coffee, pyjama pants, flip flops, face book, chasing around one cute, adorable, busy little red head! I wan't sure I was ready to give it all up in exchange for crazy, rushed mornings, cold cups of staffroom coffee, dress pants, high heel boots and work emails just to chase around a paycheck..and I wasn't. I'm not. But chasing that paycheck is why I have to...anyway, it wasn't all that bad. 

In fact, the whole week had a kind of "first day of school" excitement about it for me.  The kids seemed sooo happy to see me, and surprisingly, so did the staff! I was welcomed back in a way that made me feel like a rock star!!!  All in all a pretty great first week back in the classroom! Lots of singing in French,game playing and even some Recorder Karate (more on that later!)

Ryder has adjusted well to his Day Home. Infact, Amanda, the Day Home lady, told me that he, himself is the "Rock Star" of the day home. He's the youngest child there and the others love the little "baby!" He only cries and reaches for me until the door closes, then he turns to Amanda and basically asks, "what's for breakfast?"  Today when, Amanda, reached for Ryder, he actually reached back towards her and no tears, not even a sad face when I left!!  

So far, so good!!!!!

 I have become a hockey widow. Not only is Marty's own team in the throws of playoffs, so is the NHL! If Marty isn't playing hockey, then he is watching it and when he isn't watching it, he's talking about it, watching talk shows about it and teaching Ryder about it!!!!

It snowed yesterday! ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!  If it hadn't been April, it would have been beautiful, magical even!!  I have never seen such hugs snowflakes!! It was warm and beautiful outside. If only winter could always be like that, warm enough to enjoy the beautiful, fluffy, perfect for snowman building snow!!!

 It's April!!!!!

 This much snow in April!! What????????

 Ryder's obsessions have varied as he's grown. Right now, he is obsessed with a few things, including drawers and toothbrushes and apparently panty liners!! LOL

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