Sunday, April 22, 2012


Ryder shared his 13 month birthday with one of my best friend's 40th birthday. We drove to Red Deer to celebrate with Connie and her family.  Ryder just loves Brooke, Connie's son.  We were there, partying past Ryder's bed time.  I knew he'd fall asleep on the way home, so before we left, I changed him out of his party clothes into his jammies. He hung out on Brooke's lap, trying hard not to fall asleep.  ADORABLE!!

Finally, this weekend, the sun shone. Like really came out and shone. It shone so much that we could actually enjoy being outside!  For the first time since Ryder was born, we put some good solid effort into cleaning up our lawn.  Ryder spent a lot of the day "organizing rocks." It is soo fun to watch him figure things out. He's really into putting things "in." In anything. He'll move his rocks from one pail to another, to a bowl, to the stairs, then back to his bucket. He has also discovered dropping things and loves to drop rocks off the deck.  Up in his room, he's discovered he can lift the lid to his diaper genie. His favorite thing to do, is to open his sock drawer, reach in and feel around (he can't see into the drawer, it is too high, grab a pair of socks, then drop them into the diaper genie. He doesn't actually push the socks thru the genie into the bag full of dirty diapers, that's what I do, when I don't realize there are socks sitting there and just push the diaper and the socks into the garbage.  I have had to fish around, among the shitty, musty pampers for tiny, little socks!

This morning, Ryder, Scout and I got to spend some time out at the farm, visiting Uncle Dirt.  Ryder has taken an interest in "brushing" Dirt. Dirt's knees have never been soo well brushed.  Dirt has learned that if he keeps his head down low he'll get lots of treats.  Ryder giggles and giggles every time Dirt licks the treats off his little fingers.  

This afternoon, one of Ryder's little buddy's had his first birthday. It was held at Gymboree. We've never been to Gymboree before. Wow, what fun!! One giant padded room, lots of mats, bridges, tunnels, bubbles and good times!!

 Love the bubbles. This is one happy, happy boy!

 Pushin' the air roller!

The beautiful, sunny weekend ended with the Canucks game.  Marty and Ryder were hopeful fans...looks like the Canucks will be getting out of dark locker rooms and into the sunshiney golf courses sooner than their fans had hoped!

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saramsay said...

I LOVE Gymboree. Wil and I started going when he was 3 months old, and just stopped a while after Carson was born. I plan to take Carson when Wil starts preschool next fall. It is so much fun! the Gymboree bubbles are the best too... they last forever!! Ryder looks like he had fun!