Sunday, April 15, 2012


Today one of the Family's hosted a "Baby Birthday Party" for all the babies from our Maternity class.  All of the babies are now 1 years old and damn they are cute!!! 11 are mobile, three are walking, a couple can do some "baby sign," there's a few that have one or two words and they all have their Moms and Dads wrapped around their fingers!!!

It has been really fun watching all of the babies grow and having other Mommies to share this journey with. Although the group (there were 12 of us) is starting to grow apart, I can see new lasting friendships being built with some of the girls. 

This was the cake she had made for our little cuties.


Nicole said...

That is so incredibly cute! What a great idea - the party and the cake!

saramsay said...

Love the cake!! We did that with our class too, and we even had a second birthday party, it was amazing to see how much the little ones had all changed and grown. I was able to make some great connections there too and it is so nice to have mommy friends that know exactly what you are talking about at each stage!