Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Ryder has been waking up before my alarm lately. Not just a few minutes before, but an hour, sometimes two, before.  Marty and I have been taking turns getting up to change his diaper. We both know the quickest way to for all of us to get back to sleep is to get him a little milk, just a couple of ounces and everyone gets back to their zzzs.  We also both know, that this is NOT a habit we want to encourage....Lastnight, we had a strategy in place. It was my turn, and Plan A was to change the diaper, then give him his soother, put him back in his crib and walk away, closing both his door and ours before jumping back into bed.  Here's what really happened:
I heard him just after 5. He wasn't crying (there is no way, I can listen to him cry without getting up,) he was just "talking" and grunting.  Eventually, he started wimpering a little and by 5:30am, I couldn't stand it anymore. I went into his room, picked him up out of his crib, layed him down on the change table, looked into his adorable eyes and got sucked in by his smile. I picked him up off the table, he snuggled into me and I just couldn't put him down.  I snuck him into bed with me. He rested his head on my chest and was snoring just as loud as Marty in no time. Perfect! My heart was so happy, but there was no way I could actually fall asleep in this position.  Once I was sure, Ryder was souns asleep, I gently rolled him off of me onto the mattress between Marty and I.  Immediately he woke up. He was ready to play, to start his day!! He began rolling around, climbing on Marty, then me. I rolled him off of me, but he swung back towards me with his giant, hard head and head butted me in the face. The head butt was so hard it split my lip! I was bleeding and swelling! Ryder didn't feel a thing and I''m glad. If he hurt even half as much as I did he would have been wailing!!
It is 9:34pm and my lip is still purple and hamburgery!

Ok, so you can't see anything I was trying to show ya in this pic. But what I wanted you to see is my purple, split lip and Ryder's purple eye...neither showed up in this pic, but I posted it anyway!

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