Sunday, July 24, 2011


Ryder turned 4 months old, July 20th. That day marked more vaccinations and a weigh in. Yep, he's a healthy, huge, 18.25lbs!!! While last week marked a lot of "firsts" for Ryder, this week has been more about firsts for me.
For the first time since he was born, I have felt comfortable to leave the house while he is napping. I even got some weeding done, trusting the baby monitor for once. I finally went for a 5km jog, two nights in a row and I got back on my bike. I discovered that after 9 months of pregnancy and 4 months after giving birth, I am still able to vault on my horse bareback and I even went for a ride! I have been enjoying this new burst of energy and this small stage of letting go...a little!
Ryder did have some firsts this week too.

First time for nice enough weather to hang out on lawn with Scout!

First time wearing big cousin Max's hand me down Tonka shirt!!!

Not the first time for mamma's kisses.....but I posted the picture anyway...

He got his first "Sophie " the giraffe, whom he can hold and chew on!

First time stopping napping on the coffee table in the bouncy seat and started napping in his the bouncy seat, in his crib
he got his first "big boy" car seat (he has offcially outgrown the "bucket,") No pics of that though....

he went for his first bike ride in the chariot behind Marty's bike
First time surfing Kijiji for chain saws with Marty....and he learned to stick out his tongue, though I am not quick enough to get a pic of that yet.....

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