Monday, July 4, 2011


At 14 weeks old, Ryder went on his first camping trip! It was the "Maiden Voyage"in our "new to us" holiday trailer too! We headed west of Sundre with some really good friends to find the perfect camp spot! We drove down dusty gravel roads until we came to a beautiful spot right by a river. We cut out own fire wood and had the BEST time!!
Happy Canada Day!!!!!

We all got tattoos for Canada Day, even Ryder!
Made in Canada!!

Just before we left, I bought a chariot from a teacher at my school. (She gave us a great deal on it.) We brought it camping, it handled the rough terrain great!!

Some of us sat in lawn chairs, some of us sat in Bumbos!!

Ryder was sooo easy to take camping, especially since his food is very portable!! Here I am feeding him at the Big Horn Falls!

He is big enough to face out in the Baby Bjorn now!! His hat was a little too big, so I had to fold it up so he could see, but that meant his face got a little sun, ooops.

Happy Camper!!
Happy Family!!! Scout ditched us to hang with the kids that came camping with us. I am sure she felt like she was in heaven with all the kids throwing balls and sticks for her!!

Now that he's got it figured out, the Jolly Jumper goes everywhere with us, even out west!!

Ryder was a natural little camper!! He just "rolled" with everything we did! He would fall asleep in the arms of one of the kids at the fire pit, then around midnight, I'd feed him and put him to sleep in the bouncy seat on the floor right by our bed. I wanted him in our bed, but Marty insisted this Queen size mattress was too small for the three of us. We started with him on the other bed, you know the "table turned into bed" but he was right under the window and when I checked on him, his little hands were freezing!! I tried to sneak him into our bed, but Marty woke up and wouldn't let that pooper! LOL Anyway, I set him in the bouncy seat, wrapped in blankets, right beside Scout, who was in her own bed right by the door. We all slept super well the first night!!! The second night, after sooo much fresh air, Ryder James slept for 7.5 hours straight!!!!! That is the first time that has ever happened!!! Was it the bouncy seat?? The company of Scout right beside him? The fresh air? I don't know but it was amazing!!!!! I did NOT sleep for 7.5 hours. I still woke up at 1 and 3 and 5 am wondering if he was still breathing! By 7:38am, when he finally stirred my boobs were soooo hard, I thought they were gonna pop right off my body! Thank God he was ready to eat!!!! Last night, after we got home, I was sooo tempted to just put him back to sleep in the bouncy chair, but, I didn't. He slept in his crip for 5 hours straight, which is still pretty good for my hungry little man!!!

All in all, the camping trip was so much fun!! I can't wait to go again!!!

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Nicole and Troy said...

Looks like so much fun! Can't wait to go camping with the Wrights :)