Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We are back from our 18 day road trip and what a trip it was!!! We left here July 28th and headed for Fernie B.C. We spent the night at the Fernie Provincial Campground...in overflow camping. We were soo excited to camp in our "new to us" holiday trailer that it didnt' matter that we didn't have a fire pit.
After a meal of smokies, baked beans and chips, cooked over the stove, we enjoyed time with Ryder in our arms in lawn chairs, walks with Scout and just soaked up the first night of holidays!!

Eventually, exhausted we climbed into bed. We had bought a "sleep donut," for Ryder.
Ofcorse it is called that but it comes with a disclaimer advising against letting babies actually "sleep" in it. We got the thing in the mail days before we left and had no plan "B," so slept in it he did on the bed under the window (the one that starts as a table and turns into a bed,) despite the over protective warning. Marty and I snuggled into the queen mattress on the big bed and Scout had her bed on the floor by the door. It was cozy and I went to sleep thinking that everything I loved most in this world was right there with me in that tiny space!!

The next morning we woke up early, and headed for the ski hill. In the summer they downhill bike there and Marty was anxious to get out on his Yeti.

After my big accident last spring, I was quite content to stay in the parking lot, at the trailer with Scout and Ryder. It was hot and when, Scout and I were not walking, pushing, Ryder in the chariot, we hung out in the shade we made at the trailer. I got pretty good at making shade by tying blankets to the stroller and whatever else was around.

It was here, in the parking lot at Mount Fernie, that I experienced my "Mother of the Year" moment. I had just returned from a walk and Ryder was sleeping in the chariot. I had to pee, so I parked the chariot outside the trailer and ran inside to use the bathroom. (Have I mentioned how much I love having a trailer????) anyway, when I came out, the chariot was rolling mock chicken, backwards down the parking lot with Ryder inside!!! I had to sprint after it!! Ooops, guess that's why those strollers have a brake!!

Marty biked for half the day, then we loaded everything back up and headed for Nelson, BC. In Nelson we met Marty's cousins and Aunt and Uncle at the Nelson city campground where we had full hook ups (for the first time we got to enjoy unlimited electricity and water in our trailer, even the microwave worked!!) The weather in Nelson was beautiful, hot! WE spent one afternoon at the beach...well, Marty, Scout, Ryder, Auntie Grace and I were at the dog beach while everyone else hung out at the real beach. The dog beach was actually really nice. It was quiet there and since our kid was too young to play in the sand anyway, it was perfect for us. Marty even dipped Ryder's toes in the water (it was super cold, too cold for him to go any deeper.)

I built another shade area for Ryder so that I could soak up the sun without him getting burned..

It was so hot that Marty's cousin went out and bought a kiddie pool. The kids had fun playing in it...again it was a little too cold for Ryder, but he still got his feet wet. The kids loved splashing around until one of the little cousins, pooped in the pool! Ewww!!!

Ok, it was pretty damn funny! Marty even took a pic, just so you all could be grossed out too!

The time in Nelson was special because we hardly ever get to see Marty's cousins and for once we were all there together!! The entire weekend was about family!!!

Marty's cousins were competing in the Triathlon, so Sunday morning, we woke up early and headed down to the beach to cheer them on!! LOL While watching, Ryder had a major poo explosion (Alexis calls them a "poocano," while I was "wearing him!" I was just standing cheering, when all of the sudden I felt something running down my leg!!
Marty grabbed, Ryder out of the Baby Bjorn and Alexis, bless her heart, came over and cleaned the whole mess up...she did it with a big smile on her face! She is awesome!! I was grossed out! I had brought extra clothes for Ryder, but not for me! I spent the rest of the day in shitty shorts!! Eww!
It was so inspiring watching them swim, bike, run and cross the finish line! I left almost motivated enough to take swimming lessons myself...almost!

That afternoon, we left Nelson and headed for the USA!!! I will write about that tomorrow...G'night!

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