Monday, July 4, 2011


Have you ever squeezed your nose together and been stabbed by a sharp booger?? That is what happened to me on the way to the Farm tonight. Scout and I were heading out for our "girl time," going to ride Dirt Face, when I itched my nose and got poked with the jagged edge of a booger. Irritated, I started digging. Yep, digging in my nose like a 5 year old, trying to scrape out this giant, pointy piece of snot. I had made very little progress by the time I reached the farm, so abandoned the mission. We had a great time running through the fields away from mosquitos. Scout and I got back in the truck, memories of the contents of my nose replaced by those of happy horse riding. I pulled onto the main road and my nose memories came flooding back, literally! Blood began gushing out of my one nostril. I squashed my hand against my face, trying to catch the blood and looked frantically for a place to pull over! As soon as I could, I pulled into a driveway, rummaged through my console for kleenex, relieved that I had some and began the task of trying to open the mini dollar store packages of tissue. Those things are sealed up like Fort least they seem like it when your trying to open them with one hand. Eventually I had to grab an empty ziplock bag, and let my nose drip into that so that I could pull my hand away from my face and use it to help my left hand with the stupid plastic around the kleenex! By the time the whole "crisis" was done, I had blood on my shirt, spread across my face, all over both hands and in a ziplock bag! Ewwwwwwwww! Thank God it all that blood was from a nose bleed and not anything serious!!
Lesson Learned: Don't Pick your nose! Not when your 5 and not when your 35!!!!!!