Monday, July 18, 2011


Ryder's 16th week of life coincided with the infamous Calgary Stampede! The whole city was caught up in Country spirit and Ryder and I were no different. Our stampede spirit took us to the Farm to visit Dirt and soak up some authentic "country!"

My handsome little cowboy!

Ofcorse we did head down to the Stampede grounds so Ryder could check out all that is "Stampede!"
Ryder's 16th week of life was a busy one filled with FIRSTS!!! Mom and I took Ryder on his FIRST plane ride to Colorado to visit Aim, Max and Shane.
At the airport with Ryder

The plane was tiny, like crazy tiny! Good thing, Marty, wasn't with us, he never would have fit!! The roof was low, the aisle was tight, the seats were miniscule, they didn't even recline and the bathroom was built for a midget!! I noticed right away that there was no change table in the bathroom. The ride was only 2 hours so I crossed my fingers and hoped Ryder wouldn't have any major need for a diaper change until we landed. HA!!!! Three very full diapers later we landed in Denver!! A diaper change on a plane, in a bathroom with no change table looks a little like this: Me on kneeling on the floor holding onto Ryder who is balanced on the toilet lid with his head hanging over the edge. Mom standing in the aisle of the plane with the bathroom door open armed with wipes, diapers, vaseline, blanket and other accessories necessary for a diaper change. I opened the first diaper and like a surgen calling to his nurse, I hollered to mom, "more wipes...and keep 'em coming..." It was a messy job, but we handled it quick and made our way back to our seats. Not 5 minutes later, we found oursleves back in the bathroom, changing the second VERY FULL diaper. After returning to our seats, Ryder puked on mom, and promptly followed that with a loud grunt, a beet red face and another full diaper!! Mom and I made the collective decision to wait until we landed before tackling our third poopy diaper in 2 hours.
Aim met us at the airport and drove us to her home where Shane met Ryder for the first time

and we got to hug Max!!! We spent the next three days soaking up the Colorado sunshine, Max's happy babbling, his loud laughter, very muddy hands and lots of sisterly love!!! It was in Colorado that Ryder experienced many of his "firsts...."

The highlight of the weekend, was the time we spent swimming in Aim's neighbours pool. Carol is a 77 year old woman who lives down the street. At the beginning of summer she sends out invitations, inviting the neighbourhood children to swim at her pool. If her back gate is open, the pool is OPEN!!!

Aim, Max, Ryder and I in the warm pool on a hot day!
This was Ryder's FIRST time swimming!
I was too chicken to dunk Ryder, so Aim volunteered to do it. First time being dunked!

Gramma bought him the cutest swim trunks!! FIRST swim trunks!

Carol had a floatie the perfect size for a 16 week old Baby! Ryder's first pool floatie!!

Aim bought his "swim shirt." Adorable!! FIRST swim shirt!
There was a hammock in Aim's yard. Looks like Ryder is sitting in it by himself, but he's on Aim's lap. First hammock!!
We went to the park every morning. Ryder even got to try out his FIRST swing!!!

Ryder also decided it was time to start "standing." He felt like such a big boy. First time "walking."

Mom bought the boys matching PJs!! FIRST matching PJs!!!!

Mom spent all weekend soaking up all that it means to be a "GRANDMA!!"

Thanks, Aim for an awesome weekend!!!

PS not sure how to make this underlining stop......


Nicole and Troy said...

Happy firsts! Great to see I still have the cutest nephews ever!

Country Girl said...

Love it! It sounds fabulous.

I had to laugh - you're "Holy Crap" is coming out the boob! lol