Saturday, June 25, 2011


Ryder spent his 13th week, loving the jolly jumper (I gotta get a pic of that!!) He hasn't quite figured out how to really make it bounce yet, but he moves his feet and squeals with delight (I can't believe I dont' have a picture...)

Ryder came with me to take Scout to the vet yesterday. Turns out the poor girl has a little incontinence! She isn't even 3 years old yet! Boo! WE got some meds to help "tighten" things up a little, here's hoping they work so I don't end up with both a baby and a dog in diapers!!

Ryder was also my date for the Grade 8 Farewell. I had promised all the kids I'd come back with my little guy to see them "graduate" from our school. What a special night for them, I can't believe how much they've grown when I first met them in gr.5! Ryder was sooo quiet and patient all night! He never fussed and he even drank a bottle of ice cold breast milk! I had packed it in a cooler (I didn't want to nurse him at school) and when it was time for him to eat, one of the other teachers wanted to feed him. We didn't even heat up the bottle, he just gulped it down right out of the cooler. That was his first COLD milk shake! LOL Clearly he is not a picky eater!!!!

Ryder had his first majoy "poo blow out!!" I mean I had to cut his onesie off, for fear of getting poo on his face if I tried to pull it over his head! Ewwww

Ryder still has bath time with Dad every night. They crank the tunes and Ryder splashes away in his plastic whale tub on the kitchen counter wile Marty talks in a high pitched voice, tickles his son and dances when good old Michael Jackson comes on!!
My handsome date for gr.8 farewell

Another rainy day photo shoot

Silly boys getting ready for bath!

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