Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I had a great visit with the ladies from our Baby Group today. It is soo great getting together with other moms who have babies the same age as Ryder. I always tell him we are going to visit friends he had before he was even born as these are the moms from our pre natal class. We lined the kids up on the couch and took pictures of them all sitting propped up with pillows. Ryder is by far the baldest and the chubbiest and ofcorse, I think, the cutest!! He was the happiest, squealing with delight at all the new things (he tried the jolly jumper and a fancy bouncy seat) but he was also the spit uppiest too, puking all over the adorable outfit he was debuting.
We spent 3 hours sharing baby talk and yes, the talk did turn to sleep and sleep habits. What I love about his group, and didn't give them enough credit for during my rant in yesterday's "sleep blog", is that everyone of these ladies is pretty honest. Surprise!! When it got down to it, every one of them admitted that though they may have posted on Facebook from time to time, that their baby had slept through the night, it was just that, sleeping through the night from time to time. Once we really got talking about it, there were others who confessed to bringing their babies to bed and some who even sleep with them all night! Turns out we are all rebels, thinking we should be obsessed about sleep and doing it "right" but really arn't!! :) Great minds think alike!

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