Saturday, June 4, 2011

10 Weeks

Ryder is almost three months old! He is changing so much every day, the best part being that he is awake longer and longer all the time and his beautiful blue eyes seem to be brighter and wider all the time. He smiles like crazy and he has discovered his voice. He constantly coos and squeals with delight (at least I think it's delight.) Everytime I hear him express himself vocally I laugh out loud...adorable, even at 5:45am, at least that is what I try to convince myself. Ha ha!

Marty has been gone for almost two weeks, only being home for one day in between. Ryder and I were lucky as we got to spend some time last week with mom and this week with Nic and Troy as they came for a visit. It means so much to me that Ryder got to have some quality time with his aunt and uncle. There was snuggling, laughing, playing and loving. It melts my heart to see my son smiling at my sister and snuggle up to my brother in law.

Troy and Ryder snuggling.

Nic, getting in some quality nap time with Ryder.

Ryder making a silly face.
We walk every day, me, Ryder and Scout.
Wonder if he is saying, "Moooom, we are in public!"
Nic bought him the cutest outfit!! Adorable! Check out the shoes!
I think he is perfect....just perfect!

Marty's team made the Stanly Cup playoffs so he and Ryder spend some "Father/son" time cheering in the basement.

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Country Girl said...

My fave pic of him is the one with him lying down, looking at the camera with wrinkles on his forehead. It's like he's saying "What?"