Sunday, June 19, 2011


Today is Father's Day. It's a sad, day for me. We celebrated almost 23 Father's Days together. We spent these days spoiling our Dad, being sure to make sure he had time to himself, though knowing what we do now, I bet we'd all trade that "time to himself" for one more day all together. Dad's Father's Days were filled with tradition (giving Dad home made gifts, key chains and pencil holders,) celebrating, (group rides on the motorcycle and "turn overs"on the couch), Family Time (BBQ dinner, French Fries) and home made Root Beer! I am mourning the past....

Today is Father's Day. It's a happy, happy day for us as it's Marty's first as a Father! We spent the day hangin' as a family, giving Ryder time with just Dad and allowing Marty time to himself, so he could work in the garage on his Land Cruiser. This day will be filled with tradition, celebration, family time and beer for years and years to come and I am soo excited for the Future!

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MaryM said...

Happy Father's Day, indeed! New Daddy, new Son and already making memories and traditions! Love it.
Love you.