Sunday, May 29, 2011


Though it is the end of May, the weather here has been crappy! We've had cold, wind and rain almost every day. Ryder and I have been having troubles getting outside for walks with Scout. I did bundle him up a few times and took him out. One day we even went out to see Dirt.

Check out the rubber boots..adorable!

Last week, I had taken Ryder to the Public health nurse for his vaccinations. She got me all freaked out about the flat spot on the back of his head. Ahhhh! I had asked the Doctor about it, but she said they don't worry until 6 months, but the health nurse seemed to think it was something that needs dealing with. She even reccomended a "repositioning class" where I'll learn how to reposition him during play, bath, feeding and nap times so that his head rounds back out...yikes! I decided to get a Bumbo right away. This little chair allows him to sit up without leaning his head on anything, giving the flat spot a break. He isn't a big fan of sitting in it for too long yet, but he is getting used to it slowly...he looks like such a big boy when he sits up.
We went to mom's for the weekend as Marty had to be away for a few days.
Mom was such a proud Grandma, pushing Ryder in the stroller, feeding him a bottle and just loving him!

I love dressing Ryder up and taking him out.
I had plenty of opportunities to dress him up and show him off, like I did here at a horse expo.

I cant believe it's been 9 weeks already! Time is flying!!!

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