Sunday, February 27, 2011


Getting ready for Mini-Me has been sooo much fun! Feels like I have been waiting my whole life for the arrival of my own baby!! Marty and I have had lots of help, getting ready for Mini-Me. Aim has spent the past 9 months getting me through my pregnancy, preparing me for the actual "birth event," Nic spent an entire weekend here, creating (damn, she is talented) the perfect environment for Mini-Me and mom just spent another weekend here, working on finishing touches! I am soo greatful for all the help... I even had 2 friends from school come out to decorate and create the ambiance I was looking for!

Nic made bulletin/picture boards for above the change table.
We now have a proper nursing chair in the corner, but this is the room in it's early stages...notice Nic's picture boards?

My friends from school helped me find the stars and rustic decor...
Marty's cousins gave us a car seat. Marty is getting it all ready!
Scout helps with every project. She'll be a great big sister!
Marty has had to take over dish washing duty. I can no longer get close enough to the sink...well I sort of can, but it really bothers my back...he is awesome!
Mom sat in our kitchen and sewed the most awesome crib duvet cover out of the material my friends and I picked out!!
Thanks, mom!!
Here is the duvet in the crib. Ofcorse at first Mini-Me will have to lay on top of it, but damn, isn't it adorable???

Mom and Nic had a sewing bee at home and sewed a bunch (like over 50) "sqaures" for us. These are like mini wash cloths, we've heard they are awesome to have on hand!
The stack of squares!! Awesome!

Mom and me and Mini-Me
The three of us are ready, ready, ready for Mini-Me to come!!!!


Nicole said...

yay! sure looks like you, scout and justin I mean marty, are ready!!

Aimee said...

LOVE the pictures, the nursery looks great! Glad you had so much help, wish i could be there!