Wednesday, March 2, 2011


37 weeks today!!! Here is what my favorite little reference, "The Pregnancy Countdown, says I need to know at 37 weeks:
"What they sometimes don't tell you in childbirth class is that childbirth is the bloodiest, messiest, and sweatiest event of your entire life. All sorts of fluids, and solids, matter and goo will emerge from your body. But don't worry - so will your baby, eventually."


Not a flattering pic, but damn, even I can only rock this look to certain extent! Ha ha!

I know, I know, I look tired and kinda grumpy...sub 20 celcius temperatures that never ever end will do that to anyone.....Mini-Me probably wants to stay in there until the sun starts shining for more than one day in a row, and I can't blame anyone for feeling that way!

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Nicole said...

sounds like you are reading a book that is as candid as you are! perfect fit.