Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's been 2 weeks since my last post! I have been stupid busy, first recovering from a week in Quebec city with the gr.7 and 8's and this week, recovering from a long weekend in Las Vegas! I am slowly getting my energy back...slowly. We arrived home from Vegas at 11pm Monday night. Tuesday after a full day of work, we had our first pre-natal class. Wednesday, after a full day of work, we met with our Doula to begin the process of planning and preparing for our baby's birth. Tonight, after a putting on a huge Anti-bullying assembly at school and a dog walk in below zero weather, my feet were sooo swollen and purple (gross looking veins) that I simply sat with my feet up, watching crappy TV. It is 10:39pm and I feel energetic enough to post a couple of pics.
I've been running around like the energizer bunny, not realizing how tired i am until the last week. I got home from Vegas to find out that although, I had left sub plans, I had written in the Teacher's absence book, that I would be away and had Mrs. K subbing for me, and that I had told all the kids to expect Mrs. K to be their teacher Monday, I hadn't actually booked her!! I was soo tired and sooo convinced that I had, but I guess I hadn't! Then I spent all day yesterday wondering why the hell my undies were crawling up my ass, causing me to walk weird and be uncomfortable, only to realize at 3pm when i peed for the millionth time, that the tag was in the front! I had been wearing my little "boy short" undies backwards, all day!!!!!!! I gotta get it together, good grief!!
Marty and I were both stupid tired Tuesday night when we headed to our first pre-natal class. We both had the "I'm over tired" giggles during class, making us look, I'm sure, extremely immature! Seriously though, there were some funny things discussed and funny questions asked. The funniest was when the instructor was suggesting things we should pack in our hospital bag. She thought the "Dads" might want to bring swimming trunks as it is possible the "moms" will spend a lot of time in the shower and they might want to get in. The "dad to be" next to us, put up his hand. "Okay, so, she gets in the shower and she's naked right?? Then why would I put on a swim suit? Why wouldn't I just get in naked too?" We all laughed at that, I mean, the whole scenario seems funny, everyone naked in the shower at a birth. Then the instructor reminded him that there would be nurses checking on them, listening to the heartbeat and generally being present. Things like that just made us giggle uncontrollably for most of the two hours!
I am so greatful that tomorrow is a PD day and that it is a long weekend. I have zero plans, maybe do a little report card writing, but otherwise, priority one will be to sleep!!

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Nicole said...

Wow! I love that the only part of you growing is your belly and i think it is officially transitioning from basketball to beachball! yay minime, er I mean MEGAme! haha :). You look great. Auntie dic is counting down the days.... (that's right, i am practicing referring to myself in the third person. that's what adults do to babies isn't it??)