Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yesterday we had pre natal class again. This time, Marty and I were not as tired as we were the last time, after having just returned from Vegas, yet we still found ourselves immaturely giggling at inappropriate times.
We saw two birthing I really need to explain what two immature parents to be, could possibly find to nervously giggle about during those??
We practiced massage techniques, one involved Marty standing behind me, squeezing my hips with his knees while I was on all fours, also cause for giggling....all in all between our immaturity, we did learn a few things. We left, thankful for the chance to prepare in this way for our babies arrival. Oh, we also met another couple in the class who randomly lives 2 blocks from our house!!

Tonight, we met with our Doula, Leanne. She is fabulous, I am truly looking forward to having her in the hospital with us to help us be strong during the birth of our baby. She knows I've been nervous about the pain, so tonight she brought a few "contract" simulating games with her. She had me squeeze two ice cubes in each hand for a minute with no distractions, to see how that felt f-ing cold and uncomfortable, but I lasted the whole minute. Next she had me squeeze the ice while I breathed in and out and she and Marty rubbed my arms....the minute went by much quicker...there was a lesson for me to learn in that exercise, and I did. :)
She also brought this cool T-shirt, she got at a Doula conference. It said "Stand up for birth" on it. She had me put my feet through the sleeves and pull the shirt up over my belly. She stuck a baby doll down the front of the shirt and had me lie on my back and try to wiggle the doll out....ofcorse it wouldn't budge. When I squated or lunged, and rocked, the doll fell right out the arm sleeves...another lesson well demonstrated and more giggling. Damn, I sure hope the real birth involves so many giggles!! :)

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Country Girl said...

You're going to use all your athletic ability, and mental strength to rock this baby's birth!