Saturday, February 5, 2011


Last night, I was pushed through the Montreal airport in a wheel chair at a ridiculously fast pace by a Ticket Agent. Now, what do you think when you see a pregnant woman being pushed at top speed anywhere? You think, "OMG, that woman is about to have her baby!!"
Well, I was NOT about to have my baby, I still have 7 weeks to least. I was simply trying to catch my flight home from Quebec.
Our 5 day, whirl wind, super fun, school trip to Quebec City and Montreal was coming to a close. We only had 5 hours on a plane before the most fun, school trip I have ever been a part of would officially be over. All 72 of us were exhausted, excited and so ready to just be home, but because of a mix up at the ticket counter, a couple of students had troubles getting their boarding passes. 2 other adults, 2 students and myself were the only ones left at the ticket counter when we heard our last boarding call. The Ticket Agent tried frantically to call the gate to ask them to hold the flight for us, but she couldn't reach them! The last boarding passes were printed, and we were given an escort through security, though that did not mean special treatment. We still had to take off all our metal, get out bodies scanned and dress again. By this time panic had taken over the Ticket Agent. She insisted we needed to run, not walk, run to the gate. The other adults freaked out that I was pregnant and shouldn't run. I insisted I was fine, then to my horror, out of nowhere an abandoned wheel chair appeared out of nowhere in the hallway. I sat down in it, the Ticket Agent took the handles and the 6 of us raced through the airport!
We made our flight and now I'm home and though it looked like I was going to, I did not have my baby in the airport. :)

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MaryM said...

I can just picture this! Too cute to think of you preggo and being raced through the airport!
Glad you made your flight.