Thursday, February 24, 2011


I am 36 weeks preggo now and so excited to meet minime!! I've had to start wearing those crazy compression socks, I bought for flying everyday now as gross varicose veins have appeared on my left ankle and foot. Turns out having a "standing" job and never sitting, ever, puts pressure on my veins, a few of which have blown right out! Ewwww! The doc said I need to start wearing my high compression socks every day and that they need to be hand washed every night as they loose elasticity after each wearing. She said if I have another pregnancy, I'll need to wear the socks from day one! If I'm lucky the veins may look a little LESS gross after the baby is born, but it is possible, I could end up a little old lady with fat, purple ankles...hey, as long as I end up an OLD lady, I will be happy! :)
So the varicose veins are new and so is the heart burn. Ugh, all the gross stuff seems to be happening now....and I hear it only gets grosser, awesome!!


Country Girl said...

Slow down my friend!!!

Nicole said...

glad to see mega-me is still going strong in there! sorry i probably won't get to rub that belly again before you are a mom but holding mega-me will probably be better anyway... lookin' good sista!