Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This morning I woke up at 6am, pulled on my long johns, my track pants, my turtle neck, my hoodie, my winter coat, my neck warmer, my tuque and my mittens.  I grabbed Scout's leash, snapped it onto her collar and headed out into an October Winter Wonderland.  It had snowed all night and it was still snowing, but a lotta snow wasn't gonna stop Scout and I from getting in a morning walk.  We traipesd through snowbanks that had formed where walking paths used to be and skidded across icy streets.  We were just about back home when I noticed the string of cars spinning out, trying to climb the hill leading from our street to the "main drag."  Some of the vehicles were sliding backwards, while the drivers steered madly, trying to avoid collisions.  It is scenes like these that make me acutely aware of the fact that I am a commuter and though I swear up and down, I will NOT let traffic rule my life, it, infact, does!!!

I threw some food at Scout, tossed my work clothes, my make up and my curling iron into a sac and jumped into my jetta.  Armed with seat heaters and working windshield wipers, I headed into battle!  My wheels spun slightly as I shifted into a lower gear praying the light at the top of the hill would still be green when I got there.  Taking my chances at blasting through a yellow light would almost be better than stopping halfway up the hill and trying to get started again when the light changed back.  My car crawled up the next hill behind a long row of red tail lights.  Between the seat heater, my long johns and my stress level, my ass was beginning to sweat and I congratulated myself on having the good forethought to have packed vanilla scented lotion in the sac that held the clothes I planned to change into once making it to work. I strategically weaved through traffic avoiding cars sliding sideways and backwards, avoiding vehicles traveling too slow and holding my own while being passed by those traveling too fast. 

I made it to school safe and sound, but it took my double my drive time! I snuck into the staff bathroom where I put on my face, smoothed the wrinkles out of my slacks and tried to do something with my greasy, tuque flattened hair.  I sighed as I headed to my classroom.  If bad hair was the only price I had to pay for being a commuter today, then I gladly accept the bill, I know there were several out there who paid a much higher price!


Nicole said...

Please do something about this winter situation by the time i get home. Or maybe I'll just head straight to Mexico...!

Seeker said...

Thankful for vanilla scented lotion.