Saturday, October 3, 2009


As the "Options" Teacher, I feel lucky.  I get to teach over half of the kids in the school, allowing me the opportunity to build positive relationships with a lot of great kids.  I also get to work with students of all ages, ranging from 6 to 14 years old.  Working with such a range of ages can be challenging, exciting and comical. 

Last week, for example, I saw the comedy.  I teach grade One, one period a week. I am supposed to do a DPA (Daily Physical Activity) class.  Since the weather was great most of September, I have been taking the little cuties outside to play.  On our way to the playground last Thursday, I caught two boys peeing on a bush!!! What could I do? I laughed! Then I told them to pull up their pants!  "What?" They asked, "we had to pee real bad!!!"  I love the innocence of stuff like that!  So carefree, so NOT self concsious! 
The next day, I had grade 7's working on a project.  I took a few minutes to just sit on my stool at the front of the room and observe the kids. I zeroed in on two BOYS talking very quietly but very intently.  I could see that one boy was looking at the other boy's eyebrows.  Finally he asked, "Do you shave your eyebrows?" "Yeah, I get a big mono brow if I don't" "Well, you need to shave them again, hairs are growing back!"  
What? Boys worrying about eyebrow grooming????    How did they go from peeing on bushes to manicuring their faces????

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