Tuesday, October 13, 2009


According to the calendar it is not Winter yet, it is still Fall but somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature.

The deck furniture looked chilly at 9pm, Tuesday, Oct.13th, the middle of FALL!!!!!!

I am not done with flip flops and barefeet.  My closet still houses capri pants and tank tops. My bike is still handy at the back of the garage, ready for fall riding.  My windshield scraper and car brush are still burried under the summer things in my car, my running shoes, my ball hat, my riding clothes.  My winter mitts and tuque are still on the high shelf in the closet, not yet ready to switch places with the light weight mini mitts and vests with hoods. I am still ordering ice caps at the drive through, not hot chocolate.  Can it really be time to switch it up? Already?? 

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Seeker said...

NNNOOOOOOOO!!! I'm not ready, either.