Saturday, October 24, 2009


I woke up this morning to heavy snow falling.  I looked out the window and added some mits and another hoodie to my backpack before heading out the door. I was heading to my friend, Christina's house.  We had planned to drive to Strathmore (an hour east of Calgary) to a farm where Christina rides Paint horses for a super nice couple.  Christina had convinced the couple to let us take their truck, trailer and horses to Kananaskis Country! Finally, we were going riding in the mountains!!! 
I drove to Christina's in the unseasonable snow storm and knew without a doubt that we'd still be going, nomatter what Mother Nature thought.  Christina, like me, is always up for an adventure, especially if horses are involved.
The forecast was for clear skies by afternoon and we had faith that clear skies are what we'd find.  We loaded the two paint horses into the trailer in the rain and wind and headed west, praying for sunshine!  
2 hours after leaving the farm, we pulled into the parking lot in Kananaskis and unloaded the horses under clear skies! The wind howled, but from the shelter of the beautiful trees, we couldn't even tell.  This was the paint's first "field trip" and we were so proud of them.  They did spook at one super scary rock, but they didn't bolt when a crazed deer came running full tilt for us. They didn't flinch when the crazed deer jumped into the river putting on a show, swimming and splashing around.  They carried us up muddy slopes and back down again and 2 hours later, those Paints, hopped willingly into the trailer again and settled in for the long ride back to their farm.  
Our adventure started at 8:30 this morning with pancakes and ended at 9:30pm with Bacardis. I go to sleep now, tired and happy after a full day of adventure!!!

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Country Girl said...

Lovely! I totatly would have backed out - lol!