Sunday, November 2, 2008


Have you ever seen the show "Trailer Park Boys?" It is a show that kind of makes fun of people who live in trailer parks. The show isn't mean spirited, the comedy is all in fun, just like Nic and Troy's Halloween Party this weekend. The theme of the party was "Trailer Park." Everyone had to come in a costume that represented the stereotypical "trailer trash."

So, what comes to your mind, when you think trailer trash? I am willing to bet you see a lot of drinking, smoking and swearing. I bet you conjur up images of men, dressed in "wife beaters" (tight white tank top,) sweat pants, baggy camo pants or tight jeans. I bet you see a large women standing on porches in house coats, rollers in hair, a cigarett in hand and cats rubbing against her legs. I bet you see skinny young girls, wearing skirts that are too tight and too short paired with a top that is too tight and too low cut. I bet you picture older women who epidimize the saying "rode hard put away wet," and old men who sit on couches, hands in pants, beers balancing on bellies! These images are funny, it's how we love to think of "trailer park people," and it was fun to dress like them!!! I decided to be a pregnant, drinking, smoking bride (the cigarett I picked out of the trash at a 7-11,) Nic was the "young thing" in tight leather, all tatooed up, Troy was the camo pants, wife beater guy and Marty was the guy trying to keep hard rock and acid wash alive!!!!

We wrapped Nic's curtain rod with big, bright outdoor Christmas lights, we strung a clothes line across the living room and hung LARGE satin lingerei and X-LARGE tighty whities from it. We completed the decor by covering the windows with tin foil! Perfect!!! I took a photo of everyone as they entred Nic's house dressed in thier version of "trailer trash,"but I couldnt' post them all. I have posted the best of the best though! Please enjoy our trailer park spoof with the fun spirit it was intended!

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