Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Marty actually brought out his giant, leather bound daytimer today and wrote an "F" for Flo, as in Aunt Flow, on the days when "Aunt Flow" will be visiting our little condo. He did not write this as a note to himself to help track my cycle for fertility purposes. No, he wrote those "F"s as a warning to himself, a reminder that he should find something to do besides stay home with me on those days....guess I have been a little bit grouchy lately.....
I can't help it if I sometimes go through stages of moodiness, bitchiness and random crying. Dont' all us women have weeks like that? At least one a month? My sister's husband calls this crazy state ER. It stands for "emotionally retarded" and since he has created an acronym for it, I have to assume that his wife, my sister, also experiences random moodines and bitchiness and that she too inexplicably bursts into tears from time to time.
I hate being unpredictably crabby. I hate crying for no reason and I hate that things that normally don't rattle me, send me right over the edge at certain times of the month, but, that is how I am and if Marty wants to highlight it with an "F" in his calendar fine by me! I will highlight....damn it, I can't think of a single thing to highlight in my calendar to warn myself about him. Turns out he is never moody, he is rarely bitchy and I have never seen him randomly cry, so unfair!!! Aint the balance between man and woman beautiful!

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