Sunday, November 23, 2008


Writing this blog is a Margurita Making least that is how I feel after 2 nights of making nothin' but! I can sling Tequilla, triple sec, lime juice and margurita mix with the best of them! I started the evening pouring shots of tequilla which was pretty simple. I wasn't gonna mention the Margurita Maker if no one asked. It's not that I don't like Marguritas, it's just that they take a while to make and long line ups make me nervous! Ofcorse some chick, whose legal age was questionable, would eventually show up and ask, "What are you guys pouring?" I'd say "shots of tequilla" and Maria would say "Mojitos,"( she was pouring Bacardi's new pre mixed mojitos. ) The girl would turn her nose up at Tequilla, and head towards the mojitos, undoubtably, her keen eye for girlie drinks, would catch the margurita mixer on the back table. She'd ask in a desperate, whiney voice, "margurita?" Because I was being paid, I'd have to slap a smile on my face and say "sure!" But once the blender started up, that was it! People would leave other line ups, line ups of fine wines and cheeses' and join the back of the Margurita line!
I did pour the odd shot of tequilla, usually with a group of "older" men who'd insist I do a shot with them! Most of the time, I'd refuse (shooting tequilla has this way of waking up a terrible drunken memory of a night involving WAY too much tequilla, that makes it near impossible for me to ingest), but every now and then I'd take a deep breath, shoot the tequilla, plaster a forced smile on my face and swallow!
Eventually Maria and I ran out of the plastic Bacardi cups we were serving our tastes in. All we had left were the tiny,individually wrapped plastic martini glasses we had been pouring the tequilla shots in. There was NO way we could unwrap those glasses and pour drinks fast enough to meet the demand of the LONG line behind our booth. I had to send out the emergency call to Marty, who, feeling he had left his booth in sexy, adorable hands, was enjoying some time tasting the competitors drinks. I only had time to text "Come here!" He eventually made his way back to the Bacardi booth to find two stressed out chicks madly blending marguritas, pouring mojitos, shooting tequilla and unwrapping tiny, plastic glasses! Marty took over the unwrapping process while I tried desperately to pour the slushy marguritas from the giant spout of the blender into these miniscule martini glasses. Disaster!!! Marguritas all over the table, all over the floor and all over me! Luckily it was late enough into the event that several people were intoxicated enough to offer to lick up the mess! Not long after running out of cups, we ran out of margurita mix. Secretly, I was glad. I'd had enough of that machine. Don't get me wrong, it is actually really fun making marguritas and that margurita mixer is awesome, but I was margurita'd out!! I was happy to be back to pouring straight tequilla shots....but people had been spoiled and they were not about to settle for straight shots. That is when the drink inventing started. I took a look at the tiny glass, then at the ingredients I had left on the table: triple sec, lime juice and tequilla, then I looked at the inibriated crowd, hell I just started mixng and pouring and dropping single ice cubes into each glass! You would have thought I had just discovered water in a desert! People were coming back for more, more of that mystery, invented drink!!!
It was an exhausting night, but soooo fun! Sometimes it is nice to have a change from the classroom and for 2 nights a first grade teacher and a French teacher got to be bar tenders!

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