Thursday, November 20, 2008


One of the best parts about Marty working at Bacardi is that sometimes, when he has to get ready for a big event, we get to test the drinks at home!

Tomorrow there is a wine tasting event that Bacardi is going to have a booth at. Marty has hired my good friend, Maria, and I to be the "Taste test girls!" We are excited for the opportunity to be barmaids for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday.) We will be pouring tastes of Marguritas and Mojitos, both made with Bacardi owned products. The marguritas will be made with Cazadores, the brand of tequilla that Bacardi owns. The marguritas will also be made in a margurita maker, the one Marty brought home tonight for us to "practice" with!! Fun!!! We had a great time experimenting with how much ice, lime juice, margurita mix and Cazadores to use in order to create the perfect drink! We did have access to a reccomended recipe, but what fun would it be to follow a recipe??? A few bags of ice and half a bottle of tequilla later, we had perfected our drink! It was a team effort, even Scout helped!

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