Monday, October 22, 2012


We were lucky enough to have spent this past weekend in BC, visiting, Marty’s folks.  Though, they live in a beautiful, huge condo, the weekend was strangely full, of farm animals!!

Our adventure began Friday afternoon, right after work as we headed to YYC for our 40minute flight.

We got a jugo juice as a snack before the plane ride, as we'd be flying over Ryder's dinner time. 
He looked like such a big boy, drinking his juice, watching planes...

Hi, Gramma!!

Grampa, loves to play trucks too!!

Friday night was fairly quiet. There is a time change from our house to Grampa's, so we tried to get Ryder to stay up until 7pm BC time which is 8pm (an hour Alberta time, a whole hour past his normal bed time.) He made it with only a minor melt down or two. My hope was that he'd sleep until 7am BC time, ofcorse, he did not. He was up at 7am Alberta time, 6am BC time! Toooo early!!!

After breakfast and a morning snooze, the five of us stuffed ourselves into Grampa's truck and headed to a pumpkin patch, corn maze and petting zoo.
 My lil plumpkin with lots of pumpkins!

Mysfit pumpkins are my fav!!!

 Who needs sand in your diaper, when you can have corn?! 
Cool corn pit!!
 Scare Crows!

 Hay Bale spider....creepy!

 This lil guy stole my heart! How cute is he????

A face only a mother could love. :)

Ryder and I got up EARLY every morning. It's impossible to keep a 1.5 year old quiet in a large, wide open condo. Every sound carries straight into the bedrooms, I am sure, especially the sounds of Ryder's little ambulance and his singing tractor!  To be honest, I didn't try that hard to keep him quiet. I live for his happy, joyful morning excitement!! It always reminds me that I too, should greet every day like getting out of bed is the best gift ever!!

Another morning nap tucked under his belt, Ryder was ready for the adventure to the Kangaroo Farm.  You did not read that wrong. There is a Kangaroo farm within 20 minutes of Gramma and Grampa's house.  It's actually a little hobby farm, that invites the public to come see their goats, pigs, wallabys and Kangaroos!! Soooo cool!! We were able to get sooo close to the animals, we could feed them, pet them and even hold them!!!  Well, we could have held one of the three baby, "joey" kangaroos, but the other people who got there first were not exactly passing them on very quickly, so instead of holding a Joey, I held my own little Ryder! :)

 Yep, that's a wallaby!
 Look how close he is to that wallaby. He actually ended up falling on top of this scared both of them....

 Thanks, for a fun outing!!

 On the way home, we stopped by a Halloween store. Had to try on some hats!

 In an attempt to keep the noise level down, one morning, Ryder, Marty and I went for a walk to the near by Winners where we found this super fun recycle truck!! 

 Gramma's dog, Angel, just loves, Marty!

 The boys! (Marty, his Dad and Ryder)

Grampa, saying, "Good bye" to a wiggly, snuggly, Ryder. :)

Thanks for a fantastic weekend!!!  Yep, we came home to snow!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and pet a kangaroo if you get the chance!!!


Nicole said...

What about the kangaroos?! No pics?! Bet the joeys were adorable, but adorable pics of Ryder (who seems so big!) are a more than adequate substitute ;). Thanks!

saramsay said...

Ryder seems so grown up in these pictures!! Looks like lots of fun!