Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I should be working on my report cards but I have 15 minutes before I plan to crawl into bed and I have decided I just wanna do something more fun than come up with brilliant, professional sounding comments about how kids are doing in French class.
I don't have anythin specific to write about, I'm really just procrastinating, but here's a couple pics...
 Me and my drooly 19 month old.

The weather was cold today. Really windy and snowy. A perfect evening to bake chocolate chip cookies!!
 This was taken, Oct.30th, check out the snow in our yard!! Yep, it's winter here!!

 Baking Face

 "See, Daddy, eggs!!"

 Cracking the eggs, with Mommy's help.


Kiss your babies, count your blessings and eat some cookie dough!!

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saramsay said...

Ryder is starting to look so much like a boy now... not as much baby! They jsut grow too fast!