Sunday, October 14, 2012


Tonight I laughed and laughed!
Ryder and I went to a birthday party. The party was for a friend of mine, but it was a Family event and her nephew, just a few months younger than Ryder was there to play with Ryder.  Ryder, however, was not all that interested in little, Ted. He was much more taken with the cat, Louie.  At one point all adults at the party were standing in the kitchen watching, Ryder interact with Louie, the cat.  Ryder got bit a couple of times, but a kiss on each finger made him feel happy enough to go back for more kitty play time! He wanted desperately to cuddle with Louie, to hug him and to squeeze him. As you can imagine, Louie wanted very little to do with Ryder, however he didn't run away. He just bit and scratched and held his ground. Watching Ryder and Louie manipulate eachother, was sooo entertaining. There was a lot of learning happening for my little boy while playing with his new, furry, four legged companion. 
I am writing this and I can't think of any particular incident to describe, all I know is that the entire party was watching and laughing at Ryder and he, himself was laughing outloud with us!!
There were no melt downs, no hitting, and no fits of frustration.  Infact, everyone kept commenting on how laid back and "easy" Ryder is.  I was tempted to ask him to stop chewing on the host's dog's toy, just to let everyone get a glimpse of Ryder's red headed temper, but I decided, what the hell? What's a little dog spit between buddies? And why not just let people think Ryder is a perfect angel...most of the time he is. :) Ha ha ha!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and if you get the chance, teach your kids to love animals!!

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