Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I say, "good riddence, September!" I am sooo over September! I am welcoming October with open arms, despite the arrival of snow today.  Even the crummy weather cannot dampen my excitement at September being over!  I survived the caos of the first month of school and am ready to settle into a routine!!

I've been soo caught up in surviving September that I realized, I have not had time to properly celebrate some of Ryder's big milestones!! He is now 1 and a half years old! He speaks a few 2 word sentences and the Day Home lade, Amanda, swears he has said, "where Mommy go?" more than once, though I can't picture him saying this.  Ryder has a lot of words and I wish I would have written at least his first few down. I always thought I would, but I guess I really believed I'd never forget them...now that he has soo many, it's hard to remember the first couple, besides, Dada. I know, "uppy, down, done, bus, woof and moo" were definately among the first. (Animal sounds count, right? LOL) 

Just last week, he started putting 2 words together. The first time I heard him do this, he said, "Bye, Daddy."  The next morning, he refused to say, bye to Daddy, but he did say, "Bye trucky." Ok, I know he is saying "trucky" but he doesn't say his "t" yet, so it comes out sounding a lot like "cookie" or "cocky." On the way to the day home yesterday, he saw a bus and actually said, "school bus!!" I was blown away!! He's been pointing out busses forever, he loves busses. I always, say, "yeah, school bus, city bus...." so I was thrilled that he identified the big yellow bus as a school bus!! YES, I am that proud, first time Mamma, thinkin' her son is sooo smart! Every first time Mom has that right, don't they?? :)

Ryder has started identifying poop. He knows all about "horsey poop, " and will continually repeat those two words all the way to the farm, once he knows that is where we are going.  He also points out when Scout poops, but looks at me like I am from Mars when I ask him, "Did you poop?" Apparently, he doesn't realize that he poops too...not ready for potty training yet!! Ha ha!! Actually, one of the ladies in our Baby group, said her boy (a couple weeks younger than Ryder) is obsessed with poop. He makes his stuffies, sit on the potty to poop and he wipes their bums!! I cannot imagine Ryder doing that!!!!  He did come to the door to meet me when I arrived to pick him up with a doll in his hand. He did point out to me that she was wearing a diaper, but he did not mention pooop.   yep, I just wrote a whole paragraph about poop.....

We are lucky enough to have a good friend with a son a couple years older than Ryder. She is constantly sending us boxes of "hand me downs," which we LOVE!!!  Here is a picture of Ryder in the cutest robe, curtesy of Jesse's hand me downs!!

Ryder loves vaccuming especially mostly naked!!

Fun fall morning at the park!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and don't be afraid to talk about, "poop" every now and then, for some reason, it is always kinda funny!


Country Girl said...

Haha read a poop book to the grade 6s today.

saramsay said...

Only a mother could write a whole paragraph about poop and be proud of her child's ability to identify poop!! Love it!
Talking is one of the most amazing things to watch them learn to do... both my guys have been so different.. Wil talked SO early and started stringing words together really early too, Carson, not so much. He can say Dada, Mama and bubble. That's it. They are all different! Yay for Ryder and learning more and more words!