Thursday, May 31, 2012


My first love was a horse. It was the truest, purest, most innocent love I have ever known.  

My favorite thing in the world is sharing my love of horses with others, especially those who are just discovering the magic of the horse for the first time!! Dirt Face, was not my first love, however, I am pretty sure he is my girlfriend's daughter's first love!

 "L" is 3 years old and adores Dirt. I snapped this pic as she hugged him good-bye. It was the sweetest, most sincere little display of affection. Melted my heart!

Ryder gets very excited when we go see the horseys!
We've spent alot of time just loving Dirt, and sitting on
him bareback, but today, was the first day, Ryder got to
ride with me in the saddle!!

 Ryder had a hard time sharing Uncle Dirt. He did not want to get off and let "L" ride by herself with me.
He's a natural! :)

 Little boys, just waiting their turn.

 Ofcorse, Ryder's first love is most likely this little lady right here. Scout!

Who doesn't love play things?? We spent the last few days, building a sand box, for Ryder.

 Marty had the vision and the ability.

 I've always been good at being a labourer! 

 Ryder helped too. Here he is holding the hinges for the lid.

 When he's not in the sandbox, Ryder loves "talking" on anything that ressembles a phone. 
Here he is talking on the camera! It is fun to watch him put everything up to his 
ear and say, "Hi!" Sometimes, I swear, he says, "hello?"

Just being cute, serious and full of love for life!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings, and don’t forget to play today!!

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Country Girl said...

Horsey part brought tears to my eyes. Isn't it wonderful to see the joy on their faces?

Ryder - phone? Just like mom...