Monday, May 21, 2012


Umm...did you know that people really wrestle? I mean besides WWE or in school gyms? I, did not! However, after visiting the May Days Fair in Rutland, BC, I can confirm, that yes, yes, people really wrestle. They really dress up in costumes and trash talk one another and the crowd.  They seriously perform "routines," can I use that word to describe large, sweaty men and women in spandex "dancing" around a ring? Can I use the word "dancing?" Not sure, but I am telling you, this was something to see...something that made us laugh outloud, captured our attention and made us go hmmmm,people really do this!

 Yep, a wrestling a community fair! Awesome!

 Behind me is one of the wrestlers, trash talking his opponent while strutting through the crowd! Awesome!

 They even had a match that involved two tag team couples!! Awesome!

 This guy was ready to climb through the ropes and pose with me...or throw me into the ring, not sure which! LOL..Awesome!

Another thing that made us go "hmmmm," this long weekend were the Lawn Mower Races at the fair, put on by the Lawn Mower Race Club. What? There's actually a lawn mower race club? How awesome is that? What does this club involve? What do they do at meetings? How do their lawn mowers go so fast? Do they actually "mow" the lawn while racing??? Sooo many questions for this lawn mower race virgin crowd!
Lawn Mower races! Awesome!!

"Hmmm," we said at the fair. "What's up with the Rabbit and the Pig?" Who knows what the deal was with these two, but they were happy to pose for pics, so why not??

 Troy and his cousin and boyfriend, who told us about this fair. Thank you! Awesome!!

 Balloon animals? yes please!

 Balloon hat? Awesome!

 I love it when a day surprises ya with sooo many fun, unexpected things. Life is good!!!

Life is also good when you can spend some of it in the sunshine at the beach with your family and your dogs!!

 This was Ryder's first real chance to play with his sand shovel and bucket!

 The Fun Farns!!

And really, who needs sunshine to go to the beach? Not us Albertans!! I am sure, there were people who thought, "hmmmm" why do they have their little one down by the water in this crazy wind on a cloudy day in his bare feet?....we let them think that. :)


The weekend went by way too quickly, but time always flies when you are having fun!! Thanks, Rutland for the laughs, Farns for the memories and Jim and Trish for the comfortable place to lay our heads and call home base!


Country Girl said...

Wrestling? Awesome! lol I HAVE heard of lawnmower races. Sounds FUN! :)

Nicole said...

Thanks for letting us tag along! So happy that Ryder no longer seems to fear us...:)