Saturday, June 9, 2012


June 1st to 3rd was our first camping adventure of the season! We were sooo excited to take our trailer out to Kananaskis with a family from our Birth and Babies class. I couldn't wait to get the two little boys together for an outdoor adventure, and I was excited about camping with this family we were just getting to know!
Unfortunately the weather SUCKED!!! It began raining Friday night just after we got the kids to bed, and stayed cold, wet and windy all weekend! Marty, Ryder and I were prepared. We had rain gear, tuques and mitts, everything but our big tarp. Luckily, our new friends had a big tarp, we could put up over the fire pit, so we still got to hang out by the fire, however they did not have rain gear! We were determined not to let the weather ruin our fun, so we got creative and settled in for a wet, rainy camping experience!

 The rain stopped long enough for us to take a short hike to the Upper Lakes.  Ryder and Asher enjoyed a small snack of rocks and sticks. LOL

 Ryder was miserably sick all weekend (he had a cold before we even left for camping, but I am sure the wet, damp weather was not hleping him feel any better.)  He was more content than usual to just chill and sit..yep, he must have been sick!

 Rainy weather or not, the scenery was beautiful!!

 The Wrights on our first camping trip of the 2012 season.

 Ryder was sooo sick. He was really clingy, but only to me. He just wanted his "mama." I loved all the extra cuddles, but I really wish he would have been feeling better. 

 Scout's bed is always a favorite place to play. I try not to think about all the dog hair he is getting all over himself...ewwww!

 Corn on the cobb!! We actually remembered to bring his chair. That makes eating way more pleasant for all of us as he is able to be so much more idependent when he is not sitting on our laps to eat.

Asher's long sleeved bib. Long sleeved bib? How cool is that??

 Brand new rain gear!! Sooo glad I packed this!!

 Asher's Mommy and Daddy forgot his rain gear, but they got creative!
Nothing a little plastic bag can't fix!!

Could this kid be any cuter? I love him!

Mamma and Papa Wright!

 In my head, we were gonna push the two babies in the chariot on our walk. Turns out these boys are NOT babies anymore! There was no way they were gonna both fit in this "single" chariot.

 More Scout cuddles..I am really trying not to think about the dog hair that is for sure sticking to all the snot dripping down his lip...

 Asher's family brought a fun bowling set. The boys were a little young for the game, but they liked chasing the balls around. 

 Ryder found the pile of empties...he enjoyed bringing us each a beer..all be it, empty beers....

 Asher met Scout for the first time and it was love at first sight!

We had a great time with new friends, but I am really, really hoping the next camping trip involves sunshine!!!!!!!

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