Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today was Mother's Day. It was a beautiful, sunny day. A perfect day! I woke up feeling blessed that I get to be a "Mom." (Thanks, Marty and Ryder for making that happen. For as long as I can remember that is all I have ever wanted to be...a Mom!) I got to stay in bed, while Marty scooped, Ryder out of his crib, got his milk and brought the little cutie to cuddle in bed with me. Eventually, I had to get up to get ready to run the Mother's Day 5km race.  I was going to run and push Ryder in the chariot. This would be his first race! I was excited!!!  Marty drove, Ryder, my friend, Andrea and I to the start line.  We introduced Ryder to the whole "race experience," the line up at the porta potties, the fun, loud of the loud group "warm up routine," the importance of race volunteers and all the pre and post race snacks provided, the excitement a race with 14000 runners generates and the overwhelming sense of pride that consumes one as the finish line is reached!
I will admit that originally, I had hoped Ryder would lay back, settle in and have his morning nap during the race in the comfy seat of his chariot...but I realize now, that that was not realistic! The race was way too exciting! Ryder practically hung out of the chariot hollering and yelling (I like to think he was cheering, though I am sure he just likes the way his voice jiggles when we go over rough terrain.) His enthusiasm matched mine as we weaved our way through the very crowded pack. Running a race while pushing a chariot is quite an experience. I am thankful we made it through the whole thing without tripping anyone with the stroller's jogging wheel. 
Finishing the race as the mommy of a one year old with him will always be a special memory.

  Andrea, Ryder and I before the race.

Ryder and I ready for the group warm up!

 Finish line!!!!
After the race, Marty picked us up and took us to meet my friend's family for brunch. We made it through brunch at a family friendly restaurant with 4 adults and three kids under 3 without any hot beverages being knocked over, only one coffee creamer exploding, one tator tot being consumed while too hot, one toddler melting down (not mine), one diaper being stinkily filled and 6 tummies being satisfied!

Marty, Ryder and I drove straight from the restaurant, to our house, picked up Scout (while Ryder finally enjoyed his nap in his car seat,) and continued en route to Canmore. We parked by the river, got the baby hiker baback pack out of the van, slathered on the sunscreen, stuffed Ryder into the backpack, leashed up Scout and headed out on our first official hike of the season.  What a beautiful day!!!! After half an hour, I wanted to try carrying Ryder on my back. Whoa! That is HARD work!! I think I could do it on a flat surface, like around a lake or something, but straight up? OMG! I was afraid I was going to go over backwards. Every step was slow motion and after only a couple of minutes my ass, quads and calves were burning.  I was determined to make it ten minutes and I barely managed that. I gained a whole new respect for how strong Marty is!! Ryder "talked" and "talked" all the way up, then part way down his "talking" became fussing. Good thing he doesn't have any real words yet, or he'd be yelling, "let me out of this back pack right now!!!" He just wanted to walk and run and explore! At the bottom of the hike, we let Scout and Ryder frolick in the mountain river, brrrr!! We took off Ryder's shoes and socks and let him feel the sand and ice water on his chubby little toes. He carried rocks from boulder to boulder and enjoyed the freedom of NOT being in the backpack.  Scout stole sticks from every little kid in the water and shook cold river water on all of us!  When we were ready to leave we put Ryder's shoes and socks on and then, while I turned away to grab Scout's leash, he promptly waded right INTO the water with his shoes and socks on, then he...sat down. Yep, just sat down in the freezing water with his shorts and diaper on! Brrrr! We all had a good laugh, perfect ending to our mountain adventure!!

 On our way to the mountains. Yep, my neck hurts just looking at him too.

 Very serious about things....

 Talkin' talkin' talkin'!

 I am exhausted!!

This is my heavy, adorable load!

 Beautiful, stick loving Scout!

 Brrr, mountain rivers are COLD!!!!

The entire day ended with Marty and Ryder chefing up some chocolate chip pancakes and spolumbo sausages! Yummmy! I am going to bed tonight one happy happy mamma! Lookin' forward to making a hundred more Mother's Day memories!!

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LMAO - freak'n love the pic of Ryder, Scout, and the box of booze! Hahaha!

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