Friday, May 25, 2012


Part of my teaching assignment this year is PE. I teach it to 8th and 6th graders. You would not believe the excuses some kids come up with to get out of gym? What? I just have a tough time understanding, why kids don't want to run around and play!!!
Today a 6th grade girl actually came up to me to explain to me that she couldn't "do gym" today as, "I have my period and my tummy really hurts." I  was happy to inform her that, "actually, physical activity is really good for menstrual cramps." She then go really quiet and said, "Yes, but I have a tampon in!"  I was shocked! Not only that she chose to share that intimate detail with me, and not only at the fact that at her age, she was able to get a tampon in!!! Seriously it took me years and several boxes of tampons before I figured that out. I am not even sure if I had my period in grade 6, but if I did, I suffered with giant pads in my gym shorts!! I was shocked that she has obviously not seen the commercials of women in white full piece bathing suits diving with tampons in!! LOL!!! Tampons were invented for active women, right?? She did end up participating and when I asked he how she was feeling at the end of the class all she commented on was how she got hit in the head with a dodge's hoping it didn't knock her tampon loose!! ha ha ha

To be fair there are those kids who genuinely forget gym strip and are desperate to still play. A boy today showed up with some extra jeans he had in his locker. He was prepared to use them as his "gym jeans!!" Love his spirit!!! Another boy broke his arm 2 days ago and chose to participate in both games we played today! Those are the kids that set examples for others! My hat off to them!!!!

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