Monday, February 6, 2012


You may or may not know that back in October, I got a 400 dollar hair cut! Yep, that's right, 400 dollars!! I hadn't expected it to cost that much. I sure as shit DO NOT have 400 dollars to spend on a hair cut, but there's not much one can do once the hairs have been cut, colored and styled, but pay up!  To be fair, it was only the second hair cut  I'd had since Ryder was born, and it was a "master stylist,"and I did buy some shampoo, and a couple other products I have yet to use...but still, 400 dollars??? I should have walked out of there looking like a super model...I didn't. I walked out, looking, like me with shiny hair.  Actually, to be honest, I really loved the hair cut and the lighter, blonder color. It was truthfully easier to style on my own than my previous hair cuts, but the blond is impossible to afford to maintain and who am I kidding, I don't have time for all that blow drying and round brushing anyway.
I've had one hair cut and color since. I bought zero product, I had an apprenticing stylist and I paid less than half the price of the 400 dollar cut.  Nope, it wasn't as easy to syle on my own, but it looked ok, I thought.
Then, lastnight, I was looking through pictures, trying to find a close up of me, for a flip book of our family, I am making for Ryder.  I scanned through hundreds of photos and decided, ofcorse, that I loved my hair when it was dark. (The grass is always greener, I probably went blond after surfing through pictures, loving myself as a blond...) anyway, I decided then and there that I need to go back dark. I happened to have a box of hair color leftover from a previous spontaneous urge that I ran out of time to carry out, so this morning, during Ryder's nap, I opened it.  I pulled on the plastic gloves and prayed I had enough time to make this happen before Ryder woke up.  I did. OMG!!! Horrid!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about mistake in a box!!! My hair is sooo black, it looks blueish. I was in such a hurry that I slopped the dye all over my ears, neck and chest (yep, I applied this naked, thinking it would be quickest to hop in the shower after the thirty minutes, killing 2 birds with one stone- hair colored and weekly shower accomplished. Ha ha!!) Anyway, I didn't even notice the dye staining my skin, until Marty pointed it out, 4 hours later!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is. Ugh!!! Looks even worse in person...maybe it will just take some getting used's hoping.


Country Girl said...

LMAO!!! Never, never cheap out on the hair!!! Oi - I don't think it looks that bad... lemon juice?? Does that make it lighter?? I think you may have to spring for some highlights... lol

Unknown said...

Well...doesn't look that bad and color does tend to fade! So lots of showers with some detergent based shampoo. May you find yourself a mid road hair stylist and treat yourself every 6 weeks or so. I do however remember when a downtown well known stylist turned my hair orange. So we have all had our "events". Keep laughing.