Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!
 I know, a few people, who say they don't "believe" in Valentine's Day. They think you should show your love all year, not just on one day. They don't get it. Valentine's Day is not about being the ONE day a year you show your love for those close to you, it's just A day, dedicated to love, not THE day of love.
 ha ha, looks like Ryder is already "checking her out"

ofcorse, I love Valentine's day. I love the hears, the chocolate, the hugs, kisses, fancy undies and the chocolate...did I already say, chocolate???

Marty and I met just before Valentin's Day. It was an awkward time in our brand new relationsthip to have such an intimate holiday.  I didnt' want to ignore it totally, I wanted to do something subtle to let Marty know I liked him. NOthing that would scare him away, though....lol.
I made chocolate covered strawberries for us to enjoy with wine and it has become a tradition ever since. I even made Ryder a teeny, tiny one to enjoy on his first Valentine's Day. (He didn't like it...LOL)

The second Valentine's Day we spent together, we were at the point in our relationship where Marty could buy me lingerie. LOVE that tradition!!!
The first Valentine's Day we spent together as new "parents" Marty presented me in the morning with a sweet card and...a bag of "Skinny B." What??? What happened to the lingerei?? Are we already at the point in our relationship where instead of lingerei my husband buys me cereal that helps keep ya "regular??" To be fair, I was out of the high fiber cereal, and complaining that I needed some, but in NO WAY, did I mean that I needed it for Valentine's Day!! Ha ha ha ha!!!
Here's hoping that tonight, another gift appears on my pillow, one that involves lace!!! I will keep ya posted!!! LOL

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