Saturday, February 11, 2012


I read online about one mom who gave her son a pile of flour in his high chair. She mentioned that it was messy, but that it kept him entertained. I love messy! To me, messy means fun! But in an effort to be responsible, I raided the garage until I found a tarp. I carried it down to the basement where I spread it on the floor. I brought Ryder's high chair down, put it in the middle of the tarp, poured a scoop of flour in the middle of the tray and stood back with my camera. I was hoping to capture an adorable kodak camera mess....I hadn't counted on Ryder eating the flour.  I don't know why, that hadn't crossed my mind. He does put EVERYTHING in his mouth these days.  Ofcorse he didn't like the taste of the gummy flour, so there were a couple of tears at first, but pretty soon he got right into the joy of the "mess!"

 Um, yucky!!!!!

 Eventually, the shirt had to come off!! 

Good times had by all!!!!!

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