Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Everynight, before bed, I line up Ryder's trucks. My version of putting them away.
The other day, as I sat down on the couch, to rest my exhausted, happy, mommy's feet, I noticed the smiles. The happy, joyful, permanent, ear to ear grins seemed to be just for me. They seemed to say, "Good job, Mom! Another, fun, playful day! Baby is peacefully sleeping..for now, and you deserve a great big smile!!!"  Now, every time I look at one of Ryder's trucks (his new obsession) I can't help but let myself get wrapped up in their big, plastic, painted on smiles!
Is it weird that smiling plastic trucks make me feel good about me? Maybe. But to me, the smiling trucks, even when not so neatly lined up, are just another sign that it's really happening. That I really am being a Mom.  And being a Mom is something I have always dreamed of being!!!

Dreams really do come true and just in case the living, breathing, pooping, eating, laughing, walking, giggling baby boy doesn't convince me, the happy, plastic trucks do!!

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