Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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I spent Ryder’s nap yesterday, trying on my bathing suits. I have several, and I could no longer put it off, I painstakingly tried on every single on. I am pretty sure that just before a “hot” vacation, men do not go through this process. I am pretty sure Marty just pulls his board shorts out of his closet pops them in his suitcase and never once considers the possibility that his ass or any other part of him may have grown, rendering his swim trunks unwearable. Nope, he just throws ONE into his suitcase on pure blind faith! LUCKY!!!

We are heading to Arizona for just over a week of sunshine in a rented house. A rented house with a pool! After 9 months of pregnancy and 11 months as a nursing mother, I am surprised and happy to report that the only part of me that was too big for some of my bikinis were my boobs! Ha ha!! That never happens to me, so I am not complaining…but I will only be brining the suits that more or less contain my tits, the important parts of ‘em anyway!

We left our house at noon in order to be at the airport 2 hours before our international flight, however it is now, 3:35, the exact time of our expected departure, and we are still sitting here…waiting!! Our flight has been delayed twice now. It will now be leaving 2 hours later than expected. That means 4 hours in the airport!!!

Ryder has been awesome so far. (I realize we still have 2 hours of waiting and 3 hours of flying to go.) It is soo great that at his age, everything is brand new! For him, walking is brand new and so is lugging suitcases through an airport (he and I usually check our bags.) So he spent a good portion of his crazy energy “helping” Dad with his suitcase.


Unknown said...

Have tons of sure to check out the Scottsdale horse show! Wish we sould have known sooner..your mom and I could have joined you and shown you the ropes of the horse show parties. Next year we will have to plan a bit more!

The Canadian said...

Yess! Let's plan that for next year!!!!