Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Ryder turned 5 months old, August 20th while we were camping with the Farns. We found this amazing free camping down by a river where the dogs could be off leash and Ryder could jolly jump with a mountain view. We had an awesome time hangin' out and Ryder got to bond with his Aunt and Uncle!

Our awesome camp spot!!

Troy and Ryder in the river.

Scout enjoying the freedom of NO LEASH!!

Duke...just being beautiful!

Nic, kissing those yummy cheeks!!

Those cheeks are sooo kissable!!

Nic and I rockin' our "smoke hats" (to be worn at all campfires!!)

Me and Farn

Nic and Marty

NIc and Troy woke up to a flat tire. We decided to make this a "learnable moment." Nic and I, under Troy's supervision, took off the flat....

Ryder jolly jumping in the river!!

Life is good!!

Ryder, hangin' with the boys!!

Ryder, hangin' with girls too....

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Country Girl said...

Fabulous - the picture of Duke brought tears to my eyes...