Thursday, August 25, 2011

Road Trip -Part 5 - Back to Canada

We headed for Penticton and Marty's best friend's mom and dad's place. They were going to let us camp in their driveway for the next few days while Marty and his best friend took part in pre wedding know, golf, floating the channel, dinners and other groomsmen stuff. Ryder and I hung out soaking up amazing hospitality and the odd dip in the backyard pool.

Saturday we went to the wedding where Ryder was a hit. Not only did he look super cute in his little button up shirt, but he was the happiest little guy! He flirted with anyone who tried to make him smile and even got a few kisses from some two year old cuties!! He fell asleep in time for me to eat supper but woke up again in time to dance with Marty and I to his favorite country song, Sugarland's "Stuck like Glue."

We headed for home Sunday, after a delicious breakfast of blueberry topped waffles! We drove for an hour before stopping in Kelowna to get one last hug for Ryder from his Grandma and Grandpa (Marty's folks) and then hit the road, determined to make it home that day no matter how long it took. We hit Revelstoke and saw a sign saying that the highway east of Golden was closed. We called mom who googled road closures and told us the info on the internet suggested that the highway would be open again by 9pm. NO problem! We wouldn't even make Golden until then, but once we arrived, we learned that the highway would not be opening again until 1am. At this point it was raining and dark. We decided to just pull over, and because we could, camp on the side of the road. I have never been more greatful for our holiday trailer than I was that night. It was soo easy to just run from the cab of our truck into the trailer into our already made beds!!!

We made it home, Monday by noon! Vacation was over, Ryder's first road trip a huge success!!!


Gramma Mama said...

What a wonderful experience and Ryder seems to be such a good little traveler!
What memories you have made.

Country Girl said...

You look fabulous!!! What a fantastic family bonding trip! Thanks for sharing.