Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Ryder will be 6 months old in 6 days! I started writing this blog and had originally titled it, "5 and a half months old", but the month got away from me so I have just added pictures and am gonna have to make this blog all about the entire 5th month!! I intend to write more regularily so that I wont have to cram an entire month into one post.
Ryder's 5th month was one filled with firsts and that list continues to grow. I share his experiences with the pride of a happy mom, soaking up every single milestone!!!!

First time posing with his shirt over his neck with his family.

First time sitting in the shopping cart!! I really didn't think he was big enough to this, but when he got heavy in the Baby Bjorn, I tricked Marty into holding him, by saying that I just wanted to turn him around in the carrier. As soon as Marty picked him up, I grinned and began walking down the isles in Costco. Marty stood there, surrounded by giant blocks of cheese and huge tubs of sour cream, threatening to put Ryder in the cart if I didn't come back and hold him....I decided to test his willingness to follow through with his threat just to see what would happen....and to my surprise, if he was propped up between the buns and the diaper bag, he was able to sit all by himself in the shopping cart!!! Yipppeee!!! This has changed my life. See, Ryder outgrew his carseat buckte, you know the one that you can leave the baby in and put the whole carseat in the cart. Anyway, he outgrew that so early that he was in the awkward, between stage where he couldn't sit on his own, but he couldn't stay in the carseat, so all shopping involved me carrying him on my front! I love carrying Ryder as much as possible, but if I'm being honest, he is getting HEAVY!!!! Now, he can simply ride in the cart!! Wow!!

Ryder has also been working on "sitting." Here he is just trying it for the first time, yep he is falling over, but excited to be seeing the world from a whole new perspective!!!!

He is getting better and better with practice!!!

Ryder also got his very own library card!! Now I can register him for programs and we can borrow lots and lots of books without having to find a permanent place for them all!!!!

Ryder also had his first bath in the tub. He's been ready for that for a while now, but because bathing has been Marty's job, we've kept him in his blue whale tub at the kitchen sink as long as he can sqeeze into it so that Marty doesn't have to kneel down and bend over so much to bath him...but Ryder and I stayed at mom's for a few extra days and since we are both short and mom doesn't have a whale tub, he got a real bath!!!! Adorable!!

It was a month of sad firsts too..Ryder went to his first funeral in Illinois. He came with me to say goodbye to my Grandmother. She was 93 years old when she passed away and though she didn't get to meet Ryder, I hope she knows I will tell him all about her! We had to fly to Illinois to attend the funeral and though the occasion was sad, there were happy firsts on that trip too...

Ryder was read his first story in an airport by his Aunt Dic.

He met the Schoenhard Family for the first time.

Ryder with his second cousin Ryan and his daughter Lizzie.

Ryder with my cousin Andi's husband, Pic.

Ryder with Andi's daughter, Garrett

Ryder, getting his first quad ride from Andi's son, Keaton.

The entire Schoenhard Family

Ryder also got to meet 2 of his Great Aunts from my Dad's side of the family. They each drove at least 2 hours to come to the funeral to pay respect to my Grandma and to hug my mom, sisters and I and to meet Ryder and Max. My cousin came too with her beautiful twin girls who loved Ryder.

Ryder and I had our first big sleep over in a lake house in Illinois with Grandma, Auntie Dic, Auntie Aim and Max.

Ryder shared story time for the first time with his cousin, Max.

Ryan shared Grandma's knee for the first time with Max.

He had his first water slide experience with help from Pic.

He got his first VERY close up look at a bottle fed calf.

He rode his first pony with his Aunt Dic.

Ryder wore his first full "sun suit" in the backyard pool.

After Ryder spent several days meeting his extended family, he came back to Alberta and got to visit his Uncle Farn at the Fire Hall for the first time where he saw his first fire truck!!


Nicole said...

missing ryder's adorable smile and growl. yep, growl. i just know he has something very important he is trying to tell me...

MaryM said...

Great pictures, Jen! Ryder is such a HAPPY baby and it seems he always has a wonderful smile on his face. (Wish I could hear him growl sometime...)