Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Scout looking sad and pathetic in her cone!
Poor Scout. Ever since Ryder came along, she feels like she has the short end of the stick. I can't blame her.
It's no secret that before, Ryder came along, Scout was the center of my, universe. I adored her, I still do, but I fawned over her and made her and giving her a happy lifestyle my priority! Then I got to be about 9 months pregnant and I didn't have the energy to get out with her as much as I used to. This actually broke both our hearts as I truly get so much joy out of watching Scout bound around outside. Her free spiritedness is inspiration and I missed witnessing it twice a day like I used to. Once Ryder was born, Scout's walks with me got to be even less frequent. I did get an awesome carrier for Ryder and Scout began to recognize that when I put that on, it meant we were all going for a walk.... then it kept snowing.

Like every other day, it snowed, making it real difficult for me to get out with Ryder. Scout's been a trooper, hangin' inside with me and Ryder. She follows us around and lays on the floor near my feet wherever we are. She loves to kiss Ryder on his head and face and smell his stinky bottom, (dogs are wierd lol.) Scout had been patient and adorable, waiting for things to get back to "normal."

Dirt Face has also been slightly neglected since Ryder's pending arrival, however, when the sun shines, Ryder and I take Scout out to the "farm" to visit Dirt and let Scout have a good run in the field. WE all look forward to those days and as the sun shines more and more we have been getting out there more often and for longer periods of time.
Last Sunday, Ryder, my friend, Lisa, Scout and I headed out to the farm for a visit with Dirt and a walk through the field. We headed out across the field on that beautiful sunny afternoon, Scout full of piss and vinegar! WE just kept walking because it was so fun to watch Scout and because it seemed like it had been forever since we had any real significant sunshine on our faces. On the way back towards the barn, Scout took off on the trail of something so she got behind us. At one point I heard her, at the time I didnt' think it was a yelp, I thought she was just talkin' to the coyotes, but I called her to "come" anyway. She ran up ahead of us, leading us to the barn. Once in the barnyard, Scout played hard with the farm dogs before I loaded her up into the truck.
It wasn't until we got home and saw the blood drops on the floor that we realized one of us was bleeding. Ryder and I were fine, Lisa was fine. That left Scout. At first we didn't see anything. She wasnt even limping or crying or anything. Just lookin' at her, we couldn't see anything, then she layed down on her bed and started licking....ewwwww! Once I saw how deep the puncture wound was, I almost barfed. I could see "meat!" We called the emergency after hours clinic and Marty took her in right away. He had to leave her there until midnight when they called him to come pick her up. The bill was six hundred bucks, the inside of her leg was shaved, she had a bunch of stitches, a stent to aid with draining, a bottle of pills, a cleaning solution, some liquid pain medication and a cone, but she was gonna be ok!
The stent is the grossest part. It looks like a straw hanging out of the stitches and it's whole purpose is to let blood and clots drain out of her body, onto the floor! Ewww!
Poor, Scout! She mopes around here with her "cone of shame" half stoned on her pain meds, banging into walls and doors with her sad, sad, puppy dog eyes!
Yesterday, I was home all day, so I took the cone off and made her hang out with me all day so I could keep an eye on her to make sure she wasn't licking here wound. She acts a whole lot happier without the cone, but she still seems sooo confused and sad. 14 days of this! Here's hoping she heals fast!! Friday we get the stent out.
Scout has definitely been getting the short end of the stick, this time, she got it in her leg!!


Country Girl said...

Poor, poor baby! Heal fast my furry friend!

Aimee said...

Poor Scout! You are busy mom now tending to two babies!