Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Have you ever been soo happy that your smile just wasn't big enough to express your joy?
I don't know what it is with babies, maybe it's their lack of outlets for expression, but they seem to have mastered the ability to smile so big that it stretches from their face all the way down to their toes pulling everyone around them into their exuberance!
Ryder does it all the time. Now that he has mastered the smile, he is not afraid to use it to express all feelings equated with joy.
You guys gotta soak up some of his huge, chubby smile! One of the first smiles I captured on film...lucky shot!

I dont' care who you are, seeing a smile this big, will make you smile

He is almost giggling here..his giggles stretch to his toes too!
Smiling from bald head to chubby toes!

I love being home to see his smiles all day, everyday!!

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Nicole said...

i can´t wait to see his smiles in the flesh!