Thursday, April 28, 2011

This is an accidental video as Marty didn't know the camera was on video, so only the very first few seconds are cute....soooo cute!!!

This post is long overdue! I have been wanting to share this with you but other things kept coming up!
Our baby class ended a couple of weeks ago. I actually miss the class, seeing all the adorable babies, hearing everyone's stories and questions and the friendships that were just beginning to form. Thanks to one very well organized girl, we have a Facebook Group, so we are staying in touch and hopefully one day, we'll all get all the babies together again.
It's funny that all 15 of us started this class together back in February full of hope, excitement and a little fear. Together we discussed what to "expect while we're expecting" and learned what to expect during labour. We talked about options for pain management and we all made our birth plans. Every week we watched videos, asked questions, ate yummy treats and sat in a circle, on chairs in pairs. And then, the babies came! Every week there would be a new one or two. We'd laugh or cry with each new family as they told their emotional birth stories and we'd spend the class holding our own babies or wishing ours would be the next to be born! There was something comforting about listening to others ask questions about things that I was experiencing too...crying babies, breast feeding issues (lucky for me I didn't have that trouble at all,) reversed sleep schedules, introduction of soothers, bottles and formula (I still havn't needed formula), using carriers, signing up for extra classes, like infant CPR, our strategies for getting hair cuts, groceries and getting our pre baby bodies back. I miss that network of people and seeing their faces every week....
On the last class, we put all the babies in a circle and took some pics. You can see the ones with tonnes of hair, the biggest ones (Ryder definitely is in the running for that), the smallest ones (there were a couple premies) and the squirmiest ones! Watching the tiny little guys interact was hilarious. No, they didn't really know they were interacting, but if you watch the little video, you will see that they did!!
Cheers to all the couples and all the babies! I miss you guys!

All thirteen babies born in March or April 2011

Check out the hair on the little guy next to Ryder!

Umm, Ryder, where's your pants?? LOL

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