Friday, May 13, 2011


Ryder is the cutest when he sleeps. His cheeks are all loose and they hang like a dashhound puppy! LOL He is super happy when he wakes up, that is when we have the best tummy time, which evolves into "back time" that ends with bouncy seat time until he falls asleep again. Usually during his first nap, I put him in the carrier and take him and Scout for a walk or we load into the truck and do errands.

How can you not love those chins???

After we return from our morning adventure, Ryder's nap ends. He'll eat and then have more "happy mat" time. Sometimes he wears clothes and sometimes he doesn't..isn't being a baby great??

In the early evening, before bedtime, Ryder and I hang out up in his nursery. We lie on the floor, listen to tunes, shake rattles, read stories, giggle and I kiss and kiss those cheeks!

Ryder's evening ends with bath time. Marty is in charge of the bath. I love watching my boys bond and Ryder loves his bath!

Ryder 's day ends the way it begins, with cute, adorable sleep!!

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